RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 4 of 4

RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 4 of 4

It hasn’t gotten any better since the vicious greed and land grabbing of the mid 20th century. People are fighting and dying over power and greed. This isn’t about ethnic homelands as neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis have had a continuous control over these lands for centuries.

People in this region need to work together and understand that everyone needs a place to live and raise their families. They want to be close to their cousins to celebrate important dates. Laws need to be fair that no one is persecuted because of what they worship. Their should be no need to kick someone out of their family farm just because they are on the wrong side of some line drawn by some politician. Who cares!

The real root of this problem is that Jews felt that they could no longer afford to live in Europe. Once again, this is an unfortunate act of hatred of someone that is different than you. I suggest that Jews do not repeat that hatred to others.


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.

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