Dems Should Not Be Naive – There Was No Blue Wave And No Left-Leaning Mandate

Dems Should Not Be Naive – There Was No Blue Wave And No Left-Leaning Mandate

As I read many political columns and listen to the speeches and interviews of Democratic leaders (such as President-elect Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer, and supposed transition team members), I am amazed at the stark contrast between them and the political naivete of many of them.

Here is my advice to our incoming elected officials: there was no wave – either red or blue. Don’t think that there was. No one won everything that they wanted – in fact, except for the Presidency, the Democrats pretty much failed and were by and large rejected.

I agree with President-elect Biden that he needs to be the President for all Americans. But will he? It is no secret that I am pretty sure that Mr. Biden will be a wimp of a President. I thought he was a terrible pick for the Democratic Party. He is a poster child for almost everything that is wrong with our federal politics.

The only mandate that Mr. Biden received was that he was not Trump. That is all. It is primarily the only real plank that he had in his election. It is what he talked about in his very few speeches and his carefully structured interviews.

Mr. Biden was lucky; the global pandemic happened immediately after a failed effort to remove a sitting President. Had that pandemic not happened, Mr. Trump would not have shown what a terrible leader and motivator of humanity that he is. Mr. Trump would have easily been re-elected, and there would have been a red wave.

Mr. Biden would be a fool to think that he could have beaten Mr. Trump had there not been a global pandemic with what would have easily been the most robust economy this country has ever seen.

He (and his Democratic handlers that will be really running the Office of the President) should be careful not to think that they have any mandate other than tweeting and insulting people regularly. That was the only real reason that they won.

  • They didn’t win based on a mandate for Medicare For All or the expansion of Medicare.
  • They didn’t win based on a mandate to create the Green New Deal.
  • They didn’t win to end fracking.
  • They didn’t win to gouge the rich and give able-bodied people the means to not work hard for their livelihood.
  • They didn’t win to kowtow to Europe, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Significantly changing any of the above Trump administration policies will cause the Democrats to lose substantially seats in the Senate and the House (probably more likely the House) in 2022. It will cause them to have Ms. Harris lose the Presidential election of 2024 (I do not anticipate Mr. Biden to be mentally able to finish these next four years, let alone run for re-election).

Finally, the American tradition of not persecuting your political opponents must be withheld. The investigations into Ms. Clinton effectively were squashed after she lost four years ago. This is how it should be. Those who think the Democrats should throw Trump in jail, bite your tongue until you have bitten it in half. That is not the way that we treat our defeated political rivals in the US.

Mr. Biden has the Presidency, but will he be wise enough to ensure that he (or his chosen heir) will win in 4 years? Based on the rhetoric of his political supporters, I doubt it. My gut is that there will be a Republican POTUS in 2024 because the Democrats have chosen an inept man to sit in the Oval Office now. They will be unwilling to govern from the center and not punish hard-working Americans for working hard.

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