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When will paper books be dead?

A decade ago, I was traveling with one of the founders of the company that I worked for at the time, Timm Martin, and we arrived at the discussion of electronic books (ebooks). I said that I thought ebooks were the wave of the future and I wished that I could figure out how to start a company that was a part of that change. Timm, who was the technology visionary of our company,  seemed to cautiously agree with me at the time and I think we both worried that the portable platform had yet to be created that made that prediction a certainty, at least in the near term.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East

This is a great book.  Everyone should read it (or listen to it). 

I just finished the Audible version of this book.  It was excellent.  Here are some learnings:

  • James Earl Carter was more incompetent than even I thought he was.
  • William Jefferson Clinton was not as incompetent at Carter, but he was close.
  • George Walker Bush did a pretty good job with most of the Mideast, did a plausible job of getting rid of Saddam (which the book admits had to happen) and then bungled the reconstruction.  Okay, this really wasn’t a big learning but it was worth noting.
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan did an excellent job with the Middle East as did Nixon and Ford.  George Herbert Walker Bush barely gets a mention which is surprising since he put together the coalition to kick Iraq out of Kuwait.

RANT! What date is on the magazine – its wrong!

Why are the dates on magazines always wrong? Is there a good reason why magazine publishers always date their magazines weeks or months ahead of the actual date? Do they think we are stupid?

I am sure that this has something to do with magazines on the shelves and some study of decades ago that said that people didn’t buy magazines from the bookstand if the date had passed. So now all of the magazines pre-date their magazine so that the date is essentially useless. All they have trained us to do is to accept that if we see a magazine that has today’s date then we know that it is yesterday’s news.


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.