Month: February 2019

Why should a teenager in America be afraid of a Congresswoman?

Why should a teenager in America be afraid of a Congresswoman?

Some people are very nice and helpful to others…and some people are not. Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez seems to be firmly in the latter camp.

Check out this interaction on Twitter. Why in the world should this young man be afraid of Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez? Isn’t she an elected member of Congress that is charged with the responsibility to serve America and protect its Constitution?

Here is the young man’s response.

And then

For me, maybe Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez should leave Congress and CJ Pearson should replace her.

I have not seen a statement from the Congresswoman as to why she should be feared by this young man. Is it because CJ Pearson appears to be African American (at least according to his Twitter image)? Is she racist? Or, is it because he is a male? Or, is it because he is young? Or, is it because he appears to be a conservative? Or, is it a combination of all four, a young, male, conservative African American?

Regardless, the oath of office of a Congressperson would mean that no citizen of the US should ever fear an elected official.

So if the Congresswoman is that power-hungry then maybe we should all be afraid.

All Aboard!!!

All Aboard!!!

I am on a lot of planes. This “boarding the plane” video was very interesting. Actually, I think boarding times would go a LOT faster if airlines would simply take your suitcase for free and hold it underneath the plane and return it to you when you land. I have heard of the alternating row/alternating side solution before (watch to the end) but never seen it explained so well.

Header Photo by Free-Photos (Pixabay)