RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 3 of 4

After the UN partitioned a homeland for the Palestinians and (a plan that the majority of Jews agreed to but some warned that they would be attacked), their neighbors went on a land grab. Almost immediately on the creation of the state of , approximately 21,000 soldiers from 4 different countries invaded with their stated goal of eliminating the new country that was officially only days old. Before long they had about 3 times that many troops.

In the process of attacking, these invading countries essentially occupied all of the new Palestinian state and used that advantage to attack Israel. They essentially destroyed Palestine and controlled the land from their respective countries.

Israel, as a new sovereign nation, had a right to protect itself. It successfully defended itself and in the process repelled its attackers from adjoining land, which essentially meant repelling the the invading army from Palestine.

In reality, Lebanon, Syria, , and Egypt wiped out Palestine in their efforts to wipe out Israel. Israel did not destroy Palestine (although it didn’t put the lines back where they used to be).


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