RANT! What is up with Live Earth – 1 of 2

RANT! What is up with Live Earth – 1 of 2

The party is over. There were thousands of people in attendance and hundreds of people playing musical instruments. Supposedly, there were millions of people watching the show on TV but who really knows the correct number.

There was a lot of controversy, ranging from trash pickup to the lack of reality for the 90% reduction pledge. There was also some good music played so I am sure there will be a CD put out for the greatest hits (which will use more energy in creating).

Overall, I have a hard time with all of this attention. Yes, there does seem to be some validity to the argument that Earth is getting warmer but the science doesn’t seem to be conclusive that it is being caused by humans (check out Is It Getting Warmer for a bunch of articles on both sides of the subject – for and against).

However, there are a bunch of things today that we know will save lives v. a possible threat from global warming. There is no question that malaria kills thousands each year. AIDS is a virtual pandemic in Africa.


More on this topic later!

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One Reply to “RANT! What is up with Live Earth – 1 of 2”

  1. AIDS, malaria, clean water? No way…The Live Earth rock stars and Al Gore are only interested in green campaigns…

    Getting loads of greenback US dollars that is!

    Badabump-pump (cymbal crash)! Thank you folks, good night!

    Nice links btw.

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