RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 2 of 4

RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 2 of 4

The United Kingdom and the US (to a much lesser degree) are actually the good guys in the entire Palestinian homeland issue, so the world should give them a collective break.

If you look at history, UK (and a few friends) beat the snot out of the Ottoman’s in WW1. They then broke up this massive land that was under Ottoman rule into states (basically the ones that exist today). Palestine was one of those states, as was Israel. Hurray for UK! Don’t believe me – see the map.

Unfortunately, Nazi Germany was not being nice to their Jewish citizens at that time (as were other nations in Europe). This was driving these relatively affluent and well educated Jews to the land that their forefathers occupied centuries ago – the land between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea – what is now Israel. The inhabitants there (Palestinians) didn’t like the Jews either since they were rich, well educated, and were quickly taking over by buying everything. So they started fighting with the new immigrants (wow – this is a recurring theme – natives fighting with immigrants). Understand that at this time, Jews weren’t “taking” anything from the Palestinians – they were buying or building their homes and businesses.

So the real problem in Palestine is the lack of allowing immigrants from other religions and ethnic backgrounds to prosper and live in peace.


More on this topic later!

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