RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 1 of 4

RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 1 of 4

It is interesting that the Israeli – Palestinian problem has achieved such notoriety and in particular that the Israeli state, the United States, and UK have taken such enormous blame over the entire issue. The proposed Palestinian state has as much right to exist as the state of Israel but it is not Israel’s fault that the Palestinian’s have no homeland …

(with a helping from Nazi Germany and others as we will see as I post more on this subject)

Actually the fault truly lies with the Ottoman empire as they were the most recent to occupy the territory (I won’t blame the Greeks and the Romans). The supposed homeland to Palestinians and Jews wasn’t their homeland for hundreds of years – it was under Ottoman rule. So all of the complaining about a homeland is really a little immature – they were both out of power for a massive amount of time (in fact, the Israel nation was gone many centuries ago).

More on this topic later…

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