Whatever happened to rotting in hell?

Whatever happened to rotting in hell?

Scotland’s decision to let a terrorist that is suffering from cancer return to his homeland in Libya is disgusting. Whatever happened to letting terrorists rot in hell?

I am reminded of John Demjanjuk’s fight to not be tried for war crimes for being a Nazi. He was in pretty bad shape when they carried him from his home. Not a lot of mercy there and there shouldn’t be in this case either.

That is the problem for not having the death penalty. It is too easy to have a soft heart for mass murderers. All that should be returned to Libya are his remains.

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  1. The problem with the death penalty in its current form is: 1) it’s much more expensive than incarceration for life, 2) it puts the criminal out of his misery immediately, instead of making him regret it for the rest of his long life, and 3) it provides martyrdom for the victim and gives relatives and friends an opportunity to honor the criminal.

    A much better sentence for serious capital crimes is a lifetime sentence of hard labor, and a meager existence with only bread and water and no TV or other luxuries afforded inmates these days. We want the criminals to wake up every morning and rue the day they decided to take another person’s life.

  2. The guy in question was a convicted mass murderer and terrorist. After he was convicted, he wasn’t even proclaiming his innocence. A bullet between the eyes is pretty cheap. There needs to be a different standard of punishment for terrorism – death. While I understand that you are concerned about martyrdom, is it better to have the convicted terrorist return to his country and treated like a war hero? I think that the line of potential terrorists in Libya just got pretty long. Every disenfranchised teen in Libya just figured out how to be a hero.

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