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Whatever happened to rotting in hell?

Scotland’s decision to let a terrorist that is suffering from cancer return to his homeland in Libya is disgusting. Whatever happened to letting terrorists rot in hell?

I am reminded of John Demjanjuk’s fight to not be tried for war crimes for being a Nazi. He was in pretty bad shape when they carried him from his home. Not a lot of mercy there and there shouldn’t be in this case either.

That is the problem for not having the death penalty. It is too easy to have a soft heart for mass murderers. All that should be returned to Libya are his remains.

Health Reform and Cancer

There is a very interesting opinion in the Wall Street Journal this morning that bears reading for anyone that is interested in both sides of the conversation on universal health care.  I am reproducing key parts that I thought were most interesting.  Click through to read the entire page.

As is obvious by Ms. Ulfik’s opinion, cancer patients should have a real concern about any change to their insurance and the way the “system” works.  While the US may have a large number of uninsured, we lead the world in innovation within medical and pharmaceutical technology.

Every cancer patient needs these things, especially hope. But the government’s plan to reform the health-care system in this country threatens all of this—particularly the development of new treatments.


Three years later the lymphoma was back and I faced more chemo. This is so often the pattern of cancer: recurring disease and repeated chemo. In the end patients often die not from the disease, but from the treatments.