Urinal puddles

Urinal puddles

Sorry if the women that read this site don’t get this topic.

Men – have you ever noticed the puddle of liquid that is often under a urinal in a public restroom?  What is it?  Is excess spray or missed streams from lazy and careless men that have come before you?

Is it natural condensation from all the cold water that has cooled the urinal and then dripped on the floor? This would mean it is not urine but just pure water that condensed from the humidity in the air.

The next time that you take a leak and you see that small puddle of moisture that you are afraid to put your feet in, ask yourself – how did it get there?

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  1. Although the rant is five years old, here is the answer. The problem can be demonstrated by pouring water very slowly from a glass. Surface tension causes the water to actually flow backwards down the side of the glass. Same thing when the urine stream comes to a slow end, or when the man has a weak stream. The result is pee on the floor.

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