Obama can talk to the kids

Obama can talk to the kids

There is quite a bit of concern regarding President Barack Hussein Obama talking to students this coming week. I think the uproar is probably not justified.

BHO is a well meaning individual. Few people could categorize him as being evil. So the concern that he will corrupt our children with his spoken words is a little misplaced.

In addition, BHO knows that everyone is going to be watching this speech. If he steps over the line of just encouraging kids to stay in school and get involved in something important then he will compel his political enemies to attack him. He knows this. If he uses this platform to push cap and trade or socialized medecine then he will drive a spike into those programs.

We should trust but verify that our elected leader doesn’t steer off the beaten path.

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  1. The problem isn’t with Obama’s speech, it was with the talking notes provided by the Dept. of Education. Their suggestion to have students write an essay how they plan to help the president sounded like something Hugo Chavez would suggest to his blindly-following citizens. Fortunately, the White House got the lesson plan revised.

    Apparently the White House plans to release a transcript of the speech the day before. This should help allay (or arouse) whatever fears the political right has that our president is planning to brainwash our children to grow up as socialists.

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