Don’t let Vick back into the NFL until Pete Rose can play baseball

was released from prison today to continue his sentence in arrest.  I know that there is a lot of desire to say that he has paid his price for his mistake and therefore should be allowed to play in the .

I sympathize that a man or woman should be able to move on after they have paid for their mistakes. However, should be held to a different level of integrity.  We should not allow Michael Vick to play professional until Pete Rose is allowed to play baseball again.

As I discussed several times, we need to hold athletes to a standard that at least is equivalent to everyday life and they probably should be held higher due to their incomes. Check out the following articles:

RANT! Drugs and bad conduct in professional sports

RANT! Drugs and bad conduct in professional sports (again)

Professional athletes and entertainers need to wake up to their responsibilities and stature.  Don’t let Vick play football and if he does – boycott his games.

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