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Don’t let Vick back into the NFL until Pete Rose can play baseball

Michael Vick was released from prison today to continue his sentence in house arrest.  I know that there is a lot of desire to say that he has paid his price for his mistake and therefore should be allowed to play in the NFL.

I sympathize that a man or woman should be able to move on after they have paid for their mistakes. However, sports should be held to a different level of integrity.  We should not allow Michael Vick to play professional sports until Pete Rose is allowed to play baseball again.

As I discussed several times, we need to hold athletes to a standard that at least is equivalent to everyday life and they probably should be held higher due to their incomes. Check out the following articles:

RANT! Drugs and bad conduct in professional sports

RANT! Drugs and bad conduct in professional sports (again)

RANT! Drugs and bad conduct in professional sports (again)

I find myself writing on this subject again. I wrote about it when the lowlife Michael Vick pled guilty to animal cruelty charges and now I write as Barry Bonds is indicted for lying while under oath.

I know that most of the commentary on the web and the mainstream media is regarding Mr. Bonds use of steroids. But that isn’t the charge! Rather, he is being charged that he obstructed justice by lying under oath. Even Martha Stewart spent time in prison for a similar violation.

Lying under oath is a serious charge and the talking heads like Charles Barkley don’t seem to get it. They think this is a witch hunt about steroid use. It isn’t. It is about lying under oath when you shouldn’t lie. At a minimum he should have cited his 5th amendment rights when asked the question.

RANT! Drugs and bad conduct in professional sports

I am sick and tired of the bad attitude and the drugs in professional sports. I know that many athletes say that they aren’t heroes and they shouldn’t be held to a higher standard. I tend to agree with them but can’t we at least hold them to the same level of conduct that we hold our own co-workers?

If my co-worker was found to be sleeping with the boss in order to get ahead, they would both be dismissed from their position. If they lied on their resume, they would be fired. If they were salespeople and they falsified an order, they would be fired.

Similarly, if I go into work tomorrow and strike my boss with a fist (sometimes I have wanted to) then I would be fired and possibly be charged with a crime.

So why is it okay to have steroid use in sports? That is cheating.