RANT! Iranian justice is disgusting (again)

RANT! Iranian justice is disgusting (again)

I have spoken about Iranian justice in the past and ranted that a population that wants to be treated seriously cannot be so barbaric.  Now I read about a blogger that specialized in cultural discussions was imprisoned and died in prison. On this blog, I rant and discuss a lot of politics and some cultural things.  In Iran, I would be thrown in jail and I too would probably be dead by now.  For as much as I complain about broken things in the US, at least it is better than most of the world.

I first saw this information on Blog Herald so go over and read about what they have to say on the subject.  You can also read more in the New York Times, the LA Times, and they all seem to point to Radio Free Europe.

Interestingly, Iran is among the 12 worst countries for a free Internet.  The other haters of freedom of information are:

  1. Burma,
  2. China,
  3. Cuba,
  4. Egypt,
  5. North Korea,
  6. Saudi Arabia,
  7. Syria,
  8. Tunisia,
  9. Turkmenistan,
  10. Uzbekistan
  11. Vietnam


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday. I just hope the judicial system in Iran doesn’t give me reason to ever think about this.

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