Obama Breaks Promise to Stop Congressional Earmark Pork

Obama Breaks Promise to Stop Congressional Earmark Pork

I wrote a comment on the blog “Replace Congress” that I wanted to repeat here.  Yes, I am the famous (infamous?) Irishman.  The subject of the blog post was the disgust of the signing of the latest spending bill even though it contains billions of dollars of pork and earmarks and is contrary to the campaign promises of Barack Hussein Obama.  Here are my comments but please click through and read the original posting and the comments of that blogger.

It is unlikely that BHO could have not signed this bill and keep 50+% of support that he currently enjoys. The really bad news is that he will almost definitely not be that strong in a year, will be looking at mid-term elections and therefore have to make the same compromise of his principles.

He needs to save this 50+% political capital for the other great socialization of the country that is to come – health care.

What we need is a President that doesn’t care about his party and doesn’t care about getting re-elected but is not a lame duck on his/her second term. Then we will have someone that actually do the job efficiently (maybe). The job can’t be a popularity contest – we need someone that can make the hard choices. By my reckoning we haven’t had someone that could do that since Harry S. Truman.

Not withstanding the above, we could also do the job if our Representatives and Senators were not so wired into their jobs and responsible to the country not just to the pork barrel projects that they delivered.

The line item veto that Ronald Reagan so desperately wanted, would help as well.

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