Is the President lying about jobs creation?

Is the President lying about jobs creation?

Is President Barack Hussein Obama lying

I am sure that he doesn’t think he is.  I am sure that if you parse his words he would point out that he didn’t say that Caterpillar would be able to re-hire those laid off employees immediately.  And I am sure that he would say that if Congress would pass HIS package (rather than the compromise package) then the CAT employees would get to work a lot faster.

While we all know when politicians are lying (their mouth is moving), it is not inconceivable that the CEO of Caterpillar told BHO one thing in private and another on television.  On TV, his statements would have been closely followed by investors and so his honesty factor has to go way up.  He could get into all kinds of trouble if he said that he thought he could bring back workers and then announce that he was just kidding.

The reality is that this stimulus bill doesn’t have a lot of stimulus in it.  I wrote about what it should have in it, but I am not naive enough to believe that congressional leaders are regularly reading my site to understand what they should do.

Obama vs Jim Owens CEO of Caterpillar

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