RANT! Why are Americans afraid of an ID card?

RANT! Why are Americans afraid of an ID card?

Why is it that Americans are so afraid of having an ID card? It isn’t like we are not caring a ton of documentation anyway. What is the harm of another card that is required to be presented when we enter or leave the country or when we vote or when we change jobs or enroll in a school?

What is the harm in doing any of this? Most of these locations require the showing of some form of ID anyway and all of those methods are easily counterfeited and not secure. If the method that we are being forced to use now is not secure than we are wasting our time be providing the information anyway – so let’s put something in place that actually works.


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I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.

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2 Replies to “RANT! Why are Americans afraid of an ID card?”

  1. The federalized national ID card, unchecked wiretaps, searches without probable cause all at the federal level seem completely cool for Neo-cons. But what will they think about it if Hilary or Obama get in office? All that power will be in the hands of a filthy liberal. Now if your liberal or conservative save your irritation who gives a damn. I am neither. I am an AMERICAN. All I want to do is protect our constitutional republic. Rhetoric just leave me limp and unsatisfied.

    Whatever happened to good ole, healthy, American distrust in government. It seems the neo-cons prostrate themselves before their pagan Reagan God and embrace unchecked executive power.

    ron paul 08

  2. But you already have given over all of the information as a legitimate citizen. You already give your SS# and proof of residency. You already show your official ID when you vote. So the honest citizen has already given up all of those rights. The people that haven’t given them up are the crooks and illegals because it is so easy to scam the system. As a law abiding citizen, you freely show your social security card and your passport (or similar documentation) to your new employer. It is required and you do it. The crook though gives the new employer a faked one.

    With a biometric ID card, you will still provide the same amount of information that you always did. The difference is that the crook will have to do the same – so that is better for you as a law abiding citizen.

    You are arguing for a freedom and right that you have already given up. You are arguing to help the criminals.

    If a liberal is in charge, they can currently track every law abiding citizen TODAY! That is easy. Both liberals and conservatives (and even Ron Paul) should want to find the bad guys.

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