RANT! Excuse me, is that so hard to say? 1 of 2

RANT! Excuse me, is that so hard to say? 1 of 2

I am a very polite person (okay stop laughing). I was taught by my dear mother to always be polite to others, especially strangers.

So why is it so hard to say “I’m Sorry” (my apologies to the great Elton John and his songwriter Bernie Taupin for stealing this line – couldn’t resist).

It is one thing to be bumped in a crowd. Everyone understands that you are going to bumped, fondled, and stepped on in a crowd of noisy and obnoxious people. But if I am standing in a spot with plenty of room around me for even the biggest and fattest person to crawl through, I expect you to not step on my toes.

If you do step on me, hit me with your 20 pound purse or sneeze on me, would it kill ya to say “Sorry Dude” after I get back up from the floor where you knocked me?

More on this topic later…

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