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RANT! Times for TV shows

I have a TiVo. Most of you probably do also. Actually, I am a little weird in that I have TiVo as well as a HD-DVR from my cable supplier (I will definitely rant on this in the future).

I get really ticked off when television shows decide to start a couple minutes earlier or stay on a couple minutes longer. Do the TV execs really think we don’t know what they are doing? It isn’t that they couldn’t figure out how to edit the show down to 60 minutes. No, they are trying to screw up our TiVo programming! They want your love of ER or Lost (or whatever) to screw up their competitor.


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.

RANT! Excuse me, is that so hard to say? 2 of 2

Some of you are not going to get this post. I live in the Midwest, not in Boston or New York. There are different rules of etiquette in driving in those two cities but everywhere else is pretty much like the Midwest (or should be).

When I was a kid (as my children say – back when TV was black and white, the radios only played AM, and a CD was bought by rich people at the bank), we always let others in when driving and were stopped at a stoplight. You know the situation, you are the 5th car from the light, some poor soul just spent half of his savings at the gas station on the corner, and now he needs to enter the traffic stream. Back in the dark ages, that driver would give you a wave of thanks and usually even mouth a “Thank you” in your direction.