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The turncoat Arlen Specter has met his end!

The turncoat Arlen Specter has met his end!

Long-time US Senator Arlen Specter will not be returning next term! This is a true win for Americans!

I don’t have a huge problem with Mr. Specter on his voting record. He typically was a pain in the ass for everyone and it appeared that over the years, no one controlled him. My problem is the game that he played to avoid the voters in Pennsylvania. About a year ago, Senator Specter realized that his Republican base had dwindled considerably and he would probably not win a primary contest. Not wanting to put his career at the stake of these voters, Sen. Specter switched parties and said he was a Democrat. Yesterday, the Democrat Party voters rejected Mr. Specter as their candidate to run for the Senate seat.

Of course, Mr. Specter could still run for Senate. He could say that all parties are bad and run as an independent. He does not appear to have the ambition to do that based on this video clip.

Let this be a lesson to all public officials. Don’t play games with us anymore. We are tired of the half-truths and back-room deals. We want our elected officials to do what we want them to do. If you don’t do it, you are going to have to find another job.

In general, if they are serving today – don’t vote for them! Throw the bums out!

Does a party even mean anything?

Does a party even mean anything?

Senator Specter just announced that he is switching parties from Republican to Democrat?  Does this mean anything?  Should it mean anything?

If the Democrat Party is so similar in its intent and stature to the Republican party that a politician can easily switch then it is likely that there is no reason to have either party. What values does a party have if they are so obscure that you can join one and then the other without looking like a fool?

Sen. Specter says in his declaration “I have taken each issue one at a time and have exercised independent judgment to do what I thought was best for Pennsylvania and the nation.”  This begs the question: doesn’t every politician do that? I have a deep feeling that they don’t but they should.

So now he is going to caucus as a Democrat.  Does that mean that he falls in line with the leadership of that party and be at the beck and call of their leadership?  As NixGuy points out, he wasn’t exactly doing this as a Republican and I hope that he is at least as rebellious to his new leadership as he was to his old leadership!  If not, then he is a wimp and he cannot make up his own mind – or worse he historically was a liar.

To be honest, all we ever want from our politicians is that they consider each issue fully and make a decision that is in the best interest of their immediate constituents and the nation as a whole.  It is unfortunate that most politicians don’t really get that and always have other masters that they want to serve besides the people that voted them into office.

With the current rebellion on taxes that is occurring around the country right now, being a Democrat may not be a safe haven for a politician right now!