Trump’s White House Mess

Trump’s White House Mess


I couldn’t agree more with one of the recent editorials on the WSJ – especially the last part:
The new White House chief of staff can improve matters but it’s unlikely to be much of a change. And then there’s the question of how long any improvement will last. We’ve seen brief bouts of normalcy from this president before. Staff changes will only get Mr. Trump so far. The problem with his administration isn’t the administrators.

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  1. You’re right it isn’t the administrators. It’s the people who keep stirring the pot. Trump is doing a good job and should be noted for it,not continue to deal with the backlash of Hillary losing.
    We need to stand behind our President whether it’s who we wanted or not. We need to be the America that we have always been. Standing beside each other to be the best we can be. We have had very unpopular presidents of both parties before, and
    got through it without all of the hate. We are all still Americans, let us act like it

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