Month: May 2014

10 Pro-Gun Carry Myths, Shot Down

10 Pro-Gun Carry Myths, Shot Down

My liberal readers regularly get upset with some of my posts. I think it is only fair to make my gun-toting NRA-brainwashed friends upset every once in a while.

The facts are simple. Gun carrying a in a public place is a really bad idea. I will defend your Constitutional right to be stupid and have a gun in your house (where you are 4 times more likely to hurt/kill a friend or family member than stop a criminal entering your house). I refuse to support your supposed right to carry a gun into a public place. I think that crosses the line of Constitutional rights and multiple studies have shown that this is a danger to society.

The Constitution guarantees your right to carry arms to form a militia not to carry arms to TGI Fridays, McDonalds, the grocery store, or to watch a movie.

It is a fair conclusion that the right to have a militia includes the right to have guns in your home to prevent intruders from coming in (although it is a dangerous practice, it is still your right). However, when you go into a public setting, you are now affecting my right to be safe from idiots carrying guns. Please leave it under your pillow.

Concealed carry laws (like which require you to get training and a license are a step in the right direction. It often means you’re more likely to be a responsible gun owner and know when is the right time to take it out. If it were up to me I would be a lot stricter with laws like these, such as places you absolutely cannot take a gun to.

We average about 80K injuries a year and 30K deaths per year due to firearms. If you have ever gone to the hospital, you know how significant the costs are for standard injuries but the injuries due GSW cost approximately 500K per episode. That is $55B in our healthcare costs.

I fully realize that the NRA likes to downplay these studies. That is too bad since facts are not on their side.

Check out this article and read all of the details.