Baby frog

Baby frog

We have a small ornamental pond in our backyard.  A couple of frogs have been making it their home since my daughter brought home tadpoles years ago when she was in 2nd grade (she is driving now – how time flies). Our patio beside this pond is almost always mosquito-free and I credit our frogs for this (along with the 4 dozen fish in the pond that voraciously eat mosquito larvae). As the frogs remove the mosquitos, we don’t mind them being in the backyard. However, some people aren’t keen on frogs and see them as pests. This is understandable as they can explore. If they do start causing problems around the backyard, it might be worth contacting to see if they have any advice on how to deal with frogs.

Evidently, they were feeling a bit frisky lately since we now have 4 baby frogs sitting on the lillypads on a regular basis. Here is a picture one of them. He is much better looking than the Jabba the Hut toad that I read about on a friend’s blog!

It is probably difficult to tell but this little guy is well under 2 inches long as he sits there.  The pad that he is on is 4-5 inches in diameter.


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