Qumana for Linux doesn’t work on Ubuntu

Qumana for Linux doesn’t work on Ubuntu

I enjoy using Ubuntu rather than the trash that Microsoft puts out.  I have a dual boot computer so I can always go back to the evil empire if I need to but my default OS is Ubuntu.

Sadly, the tools for managing blogs in Ubuntu are a bit slim so I was excited that Qumana was putting out a version for Linux.  I tried several times to get it working and have come to the conclusion that it is not ready for prime-time.  It simply doesn’t work well in my environment.  So I am still creating posts with Scribefire or the built-in tools that WordPress provides.

Hopefully, Qumana can get this working but for now it looks like it is DOA.

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  1. I agree. I just tried it on Ubuntu 8.04 without success. It is too clunky and wouldn’t post to my blog when I tried it, nor recover the labels.

    I will have to stick to ScribeFire until something better comes along. Maybe one day they will finish developing BloGTK for Linux.

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