Obama has set the standard as the Great Communicator

Obama has set the standard as the Great Communicator

For the past decade or two, Ronald Wilson Reagan set the standard as “The Great Communicator” while he was President of the United States.  There is no question that he excelled over the many bumblings of George Walker Bush as David Letterman has so aptly recorded for us!

However, it is already clear that President Barack Hussein Obama is going to take the mantle of the Great Communicator if he hasn’t already done so.

Here are some of his accomplishments so far:

Congratulations to BHO and his staff on all of this.  I am sure that it has been quite difficult! Our government has never been the center of excellence for the use of technology. Clinton’s team was extremely frustrated at the lack of technology when they moved into the building.

Let us hope that all of this will result in a better run government, although the various missteps on getting nominees approved has been a bit disconcerting.  And like all Presidents, he needs to stop exaggerating the truth.

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  1. So true! This is a refreshing change from our former president who would typically bumble his way through speeches, use the word “freedom” and “terror” in every other sentence, and always give you the distinct feeling that he’s privy to some inside joke that the rest of us poor saps didn’t know about. Of course now we know what that joke was: the largest wealth transfer from the poor to the rich in the history of the world. No wonder Bush & Cheney were always smiling!

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