RANT! What do we do with Social Security – 2 of 3

RANT! What do we do with Social Security – 2 of 3

My last post talked about our wimpy politicians and their fear of trying to fix the social security system. It won’t be easy and it is a little complicated so please read carefully:


That is the hardest thing to accept. Once we accept that, the question becomes how to eliminate it.

You ask why we should eliminate social security. Did you read my last post? If no, please do so now then come back (click here). Don’t worry, I will wait.

…….. long pause

Now that you’re back, it should be obvious that the biggest curse that Franklin Roosevelt did was to setup a system that violates reason. FDR’s system only works if there are more workers today than yesterday and more workers tomorrow than today. Since that equation cannot continue indefinitely, the system was bound to fail eventually. Now is the time of failure and we need to face it.

Don’t worry, I am not going to leave you hanging. Next post, I will tell you how to make the death as gentle as possible but make no mistake – the patient is dying and there is no medicine that we can afford that will save it. The best thing to do is to make the suffering as minimal as possible.

More on this topic later!

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