Mr. Biden Has Effectively Rebutted His Own Campaign Warnings

Mr. Biden Has Effectively Rebutted His Own Campaign Warnings

In the days leading up to the November elections, Joe Biden told some whoppers on the subject of health care. Perhaps that’s to be expected in the heat of a political campaign.

Mr. Biden’s recent Covid-19 vaccination in Delaware proves he now understands that his consistent skepticism about the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed was misguided. This is probably excusable in an election as the words that come out of a politician’s mouth are rarely correlated to reality. Trump is responsible for his inability to convince the American public that he set up the apparatus to get us out of the global pandemic. That failure of communication is probably reason enough to lose an election.

Candidate Biden claimed that the president had no plan for addressing the virus and warned that Americans couldn’t trust Mr. Trump to oversee a quick and safe vaccine approval. This wasn’t true and Candidate Biden probably knew it, but it was the responsibility of Mr. Trump to make that case. Mr. Biden was not obligated to explain the effectiveness of the Trump administration if the Trump administration couldn’t explain their accomplishments in a convincing way.

With yesterday’s vaccination, Mr. Biden has effectively rebutted his own campaign warnings.

His acknowledgment of the vaccine and the public display of its use was designed to inspire Americans to trust the vaccine. The act is an admission that his candidate claims were made for purely political positioning and not based on scientific or logistical evidence. He lied on the campaign trail (or at least used Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt – FUD) to convince people that Mr. Trump was failing at this important task and therefore they should hire him. Admitting that Mr. Trump was doing a good job at getting the vaccine to the American public would not have been in Mr. Biden’s best interest at getting hired to run the country.

The outstanding work of the pharmaceutical industry, encouraged and enabled by President Trump, has already resulted in two approved vaccines, and yes, there is a distribution plan.

Drug distributor McKesson Corp. began picking up doses of the vaccine from manufacturing plants on Saturday for distribution around the country. United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. trucks started rolling out Sunday to deliver the doses to hospitals and other sites.

The federal government plans to distribute over the coming week a total of 7.9 million doses of vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer Inc., which developed the first Covid-19 shot authorized for use in the U.S.

Vaccinations will continue, without Mr. Biden having to do anything. And there are still more vaccines in the pipeline which could soon come to market, as long as he doesn’t get in the way. The J&J vaccine is a one-dose treatment and the preliminary results have been fantastic.

Yet despite his own vaccination experience, Mr. Biden is still talking as if there’s a huge problem he will be called upon to solve. According to a Bloomberg report on Washington’s latest massive goring of taxpayers, Mr. Biden seems to think there’s much more Covid spending to come.

The economy is awash in money; politicians just need to let people use it. Americans suffering economically are suffering from shutdowns, which never worked as intended, inflicted enormous collateral damage, and are now becoming untenable with the arrival of vaccines.

Washington’s work is over. Washington didn’t do enough to save many businesses as they were tied up in the politics of helping things that didn’t really get hurt. That was a shame, but that is the political reality of our country. Republicans and Democrats spent far too much time discussing how to not let a good tragedy go to waste. But now we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

By the time that Mr. Biden is inaugurated, 50-60M people will have been vaccinated (that is about 1/7 of the US population). Combined with the existing survivors of natural infections, this will now probably exceed 25% of the US population.

Within the first two months of Mr. Biden’s reign, we will have vaccinated or infected over 50% of the US population and may reach 60-70%. By the time of opening day of the MLB season, it is reasonable to assume that we will be at 80% which is effectively full herd immunity. We should still try to reach 90% and that should happen in early summer.

Due to Operation Warp Speed, we could have approximately a dozen manufacturers of vaccines for the COVID-19 in a few more months. All we need to do is wear masks and social distance for another couple of months and then the US participation in the global pandemic will be over. This has nothing to do with the leadership of Joe Biden, it is purely a function of the continuity of the efforts of the Trump administration.

Biden should simply sit back and enjoy the ride back to a fully functional economy. The Trump train will get him there without him having to do anything. All he can do now, is screw it up.

This analysis is based on the fine reporting of the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman.

Department of Energy Issues Final Rules to Ensure American Families Have Access to High-performance, Labor-Saving Clothes Washers, Dryers, and Showerheads

Department of Energy Issues Final Rules to Ensure American Families Have Access to High-performance, Labor-Saving Clothes Washers, Dryers, and Showerheads

When I first saw a story about this, I checked my calendar as I was certain it was a joke and this happened to be April Fools Day. I was disappointed in both regards: yes, it is still 2020; and no, the story was true.

Why in God’s name is our government spending time dictating how long or short a dishwashing machine can run? Don’t we have better uses for our hard-earned taxes? Throw the bums out!! I have no desire to pay ANYONE for such advice let alone an overpaid bunch of bureaucrats. The worst part is that this is a regulation so all of the dishwasher manufacturers have to hire lawyers to make sure they are compliant with this silly rule. This cost gets passed on to the consumer so therefore this is a CONSUMER TAX that would unevenly hurt poorer people (i.e. it is a regressive cost/tax).

We need our government to stop creating silly costs that are ultimately passed on to the consumer via higher prices. Big government is bad for poor people – I will never understand why poorer people tend to vote for Democrats that love big government. Next time, vote Libertarian, and let’s get Big Government out of our lives and lower our costs!

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) issued two Final Rules focused on quality-of-life improvements for the American people.  The first rule ensures that Americans can have access to high-performance, time-saving clothes washers and dryers. The second rule ensures access to showerheads that can provide enough water for quality showers.

“Today the Trump Administration affirmed its commitment to reducing regulatory burdens and safeguarding consumer choice,” said Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette. “With these rule changes, Americans can choose products that are best suited to meet their individual needs and the needs of their families.”

The department is concerned that cycle times for washers and dryers could become very long in the future—reducing the value of these critical time-saving devices. The final rule on washers and dryers allows manufacturers to offer new products that meet consumer demand for clothes washers and dryers that have shorter cycle times. The rule establishes separate product classes for residential clothes washers and clothes dryers with cycle times of less than 30 minutes (45 minutes for front-loading clothes washers).

DOE has used this authority in the past to create separate classes for products with specific features and configurations, including cycle time for dishwashers and top-loading clothes washers.

Dems Should Not Be Naive – There Was No Blue Wave And No Left-Leaning Mandate

Dems Should Not Be Naive – There Was No Blue Wave And No Left-Leaning Mandate

As I read many political columns and listen to the speeches and interviews of Democratic leaders (such as President-elect Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer, and supposed transition team members), I am amazed at the stark contrast between them and the political naivete of many of them.

Here is my advice to our incoming elected officials: there was no wave – either red or blue. Don’t think that there was. No one won everything that they wanted – in fact, except for the Presidency, the Democrats pretty much failed and were by and large rejected.

I agree with President-elect Biden that he needs to be the President for all Americans. But will he? It is no secret that I am pretty sure that Mr. Biden will be a wimp of a President. I thought he was a terrible pick for the Democratic Party. He is a poster child for almost everything that is wrong with our federal politics.

The only mandate that Mr. Biden received was that he was not Trump. That is all. It is primarily the only real plank that he had in his election. It is what he talked about in his very few speeches and his carefully structured interviews.

Mr. Biden was lucky; the global pandemic happened immediately after a failed effort to remove a sitting President. Had that pandemic not happened, Mr. Trump would not have shown what a terrible leader and motivator of humanity that he is. Mr. Trump would have easily been re-elected, and there would have been a red wave.

Mr. Biden would be a fool to think that he could have beaten Mr. Trump had there not been a global pandemic with what would have easily been the most robust economy this country has ever seen.

He (and his Democratic handlers that will be really running the Office of the President) should be careful not to think that they have any mandate other than tweeting and insulting people regularly. That was the only real reason that they won.

  • They didn’t win based on a mandate for Medicare For All or the expansion of Medicare.
  • They didn’t win based on a mandate to create the Green New Deal.
  • They didn’t win to end fracking.
  • They didn’t win to gouge the rich and give able-bodied people the means to not work hard for their livelihood.
  • They didn’t win to kowtow to Europe, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Significantly changing any of the above Trump administration policies will cause the Democrats to lose substantially seats in the Senate and the House (probably more likely the House) in 2022. It will cause them to have Ms. Harris lose the Presidential election of 2024 (I do not anticipate Mr. Biden to be mentally able to finish these next four years, let alone run for re-election).

Finally, the American tradition of not persecuting your political opponents must be withheld. The investigations into Ms. Clinton effectively were squashed after she lost four years ago. This is how it should be. Those who think the Democrats should throw Trump in jail, bite your tongue until you have bitten it in half. That is not the way that we treat our defeated political rivals in the US.

Mr. Biden has the Presidency, but will he be wise enough to ensure that he (or his chosen heir) will win in 4 years? Based on the rhetoric of his political supporters, I doubt it. My gut is that there will be a Republican POTUS in 2024 because the Democrats have chosen an inept man to sit in the Oval Office now. They will be unwilling to govern from the center and not punish hard-working Americans for working hard.

Joe Biden Isn’t Planning On Doing What Is Best For You

Joe Biden Isn’t Planning On Doing What Is Best For You

Not only has Joe Biden proven to be one of the least capable Senators in the past 50 years (having not sponsored any significant legislation during that time) and successfully suckled on the federal government’s teat for over 4 decades, but now he doesn’t think that you should know his plans if elected.

“You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over,” Biden said during a campaign stop in Phoenix. “It’s a great question, and I don’t blame you for asking. But you know, the moment I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be on the answer to that question.”

Well duh!! Of course it will be on that question. Because it is an important question and the American citizens have every right to know the answer.

Obviously, we know the answer. It will be whatever is good for Joe Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, and AOC. It won’t be the best answer for the average citizen.

If it was the best answer for the average citizen than Biden would be shouting it from the rooftops! He would be proud of it.

Because Biden won’t profess his answer, it is going to be the answer that you don’t want. He is afraid that if he told you his answer, you wouldn’t vote for him.

So don’t vote for him. Withholding his plans is simply unacceptable. Vote for Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party. Voting for Joe Biden is simply playing into his agenda for NOT helping you.

Burrows Probably Had A Better Team Playing For LSU – He Definitely Had Better Coaches

Burrows Probably Had A Better Team Playing For LSU – He Definitely Had Better Coaches

The honeymoon is over. Now the Bengals are on the “ruining Burrow” clock. The same problems as the year prior remain and Taylor is now 0-10-1 in one-score games. He simply doesn’t have what it takes especially if he is going to continuously defend defensive and offensive line coaches (Jim Turner has to be the worst o-line coach in the NFL and maybe all of college – send him back to high school football).

Burrow has already been sacked 14 times with 11 hurries and 30 pressures on a pressure rate of 18.4 percent. In the latest game alone, Burrow was sacked a season-high eight times and was the recipient of 18 hits in the 23-23 tie. The rookie quarterback has now been sacked a league-high 14 times through three weeks. He’s taking hits that go instantly viral and it’s clear to anyone who has watched football in the past that he might not make it through all 16 games.

Taylor’s playcalling has mostly been miserable, especially in Week 3 – he needs to have the offensive coordinator call plays since clearly he is not up to the challenge of doing this on the sideline.

His Lou Anarumo-directed defense still doesn’t want to tackle. His offensive line is still headed up by Jim Turner, he of an iffy pro resume to begin with but oddly defended by Taylor from Day 1, and they’re still trotting out Bobby Hart at right tackle and praying a mediocre-to-terrible cast of guards can somehow come together and make it work inside.

Flick on a random play and you’ll probably see some combination of Hart getting pushed back so hard it looks like he’s a bodyguard escorting the defender to the quarterback, Jonah Williams randomly losing all sense of how to function, and some tandem of Michael Jordan, Fred Johnson, and Billy Price getting plopped on their rear ends like they’re getting bullied on a middle school playground.

It’s bad and something has to change.

At some point, excuses have to fly out the window. Last year was a 2-14 season for Zac Taylor and his handpicked staff and the excuses flowed. They assembled late and were unable to change up the roster they inherited. The injury bug, etc.

This year, the Bengals are 0-2-1 and the excuses could flow again. There wasn’t a preseason. The team overhauled the roster. The list goes on.
Fix it or resign. I, for one, am sick of watching a Bengals team that probably would lose to any of the final 4 NCAA contenders last year. Yes, I am saying that when Burrows left LSU, he went to a worse team – he definitely went to a worse coaching staff.

Many of the ideas in this post originated in this great article.

The header image is not mine and I make no claims to it. It appears to be the property of Bryan Woolston of the Associated Press and I will remove it upon request.