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RANT! How dumb are the oil companies?

I am sure that you have heard of the current oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you haven’t, here is a link – please come back after you have caught up with current events.

I am just aghast at how stupid these companies are. Current reports are that they didn’t install an “acoustic switch” on the well. From NewsInferno:

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded last week was not outfitted with a safety device that might have prevented the massive oil spill now nearing the U.S. Gulf Coast. The device, known as an acoustic switch, is a last-resort protection against underwater spills, and is required by regulators in Norway and Brazil. Unfortunately, the U.S. has no such regulation for oil wells operating off of its shores.

Don’t drink from hotel glasses or coffee cups

With the current scare regarding Swine Flu (more appropriately called H1N1 flu), I want to remind my readers to not drink from hotel glasses unless you are VERY confident that they use appropriate cleaning measures to clean their cups and glasses.  It does no good to ask at the front desk when you check in, of course they are going to say that they are following laws. If you aren’t sure, ask the front desk for paper cups to take your morning vitamins.

My rule of thumb is simple.  I look for a maid cart.  If I see a cart and it has DIRTY glasses that the maid has been collecting to take downstairs to be cleaned, I assume proper techniques are being used.  If I can’t find a cart or if that cart has not collected dirty glasses, then I assume the maid is cleaning the glasses in the toilet.

Baby frog

We have a small ornamental pond in our backyard.  A couple of frogs have been making it their home since my daughter brought home tadpoles years ago when she was in 2nd grade (she is driving now – how time flies). Our patio beside this pond is almost always mosquito free and I credit our frogs for this (along with the 4 dozen fish in the pond that voraciously eat mosquito larvae).

Evidently, they were feeling a bit frisky lately since we now have 4 baby frogs sitting on the lillypads on a regular basis.  Here is a picture one of them. He is much better looking than the Jabba the Hut toad that I read about on a friend’s blog!

It is probably difficult to tell but this little guy is well under 2 inches long as he sits there.  The pad that he is on is 4-5 inches in diameter.