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RANT: The networks are being jerks about the iPad

Time Warner cable may not be available in your neighborhood so you may not have a dog in this hunt. To catch you up, TWC offers a free iPad app that allows you to stream live video TV feed to your device. You would think that the networks would have no problem with this. Let’s list the reasons:

  • You must be a Time Warner customer to use the service.
  • You must be a RoadRunner customer to use the service (RoadRunner is the brand name for TWC’s cable modem service).
  • You can only use this service at the specific IP address of your RoadRunner account.  You cannot be at the Starbuck’s down the street. You cannot be at your neighbors house that also has TWC and RoadRunner but a different IP address.  You cannot be traveling to a hotel in a far off city.

RANT! Times for TV shows

I have a TiVo. Most of you probably do also. Actually, I am a little weird in that I have TiVo as well as a HD-DVR from my cable supplier (I will definitely rant on this in the future).

I get really ticked off when television shows decide to start a couple minutes earlier or stay on a couple minutes longer. Do the TV execs really think we don’t know what they are doing? It isn’t that they couldn’t figure out how to edit the show down to 60 minutes. No, they are trying to screw up our TiVo programming! They want your love of ER or Lost (or whatever) to screw up their competitor.


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.