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The continuing saga of the Illinois Senator

The continuing saga of the Illinois Senator

I am sure that a year from now we will all look back at the noise and commotion regarding the corruption of Illinois politics especially regarding the selection of a replacement for President Barack Hussein Obama’s former Senate seat.  The comedy of Governor Blagojovich and his attempt to get rich off of selling the seat will surely be funny a year from now but today it is just sad and frustrating.

It now appears that Mr. Burris, the appointee of Blagojovich, may not have been totally truthful regarding his pursuit of the seat.  While I would never encourage anyone in politics to tell the truth (it would break the mold), it seems that the corruption of Illinois politics is pretty complete and total.  That should not surprise anyone though with the simple understanding that Illinois is home to Chicago and Chicago is home to Mayor Daley (the old man and the son).  If there is anyone that exemplifies dirty politics beside the legendary Boss Tweed, the Daley family would have to be close to the top.

It makes one wonder how BHO ever escaped that massive corruption.

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