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U.S. Report Found It Plausible Covid-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab

U.S. Report Found It Plausible Covid-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab

I am not an epidemiologist, so my word is not final on this subject however, I will point out that with every major natural virus in the last 20 or so years, by the time the virus was with us for 12 months we had samples of the virus leaping from bat to animal to human. Not in this case, we still do not know a natural way that this virus could have infected Patient 0. The longer that it takes to find the path of animal to human, the more likely it is that it was lab to human.

According to Dr. Stephen Quay, and Richard Muller, the Covid-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus making it ALMOST impossible that the virus could have come from purely natural origins. Quay is the founder of US-based biopharmaceutical company Atossa Therapeutics, while Muller is a Physics professor at the University of California Berkeley.

Therefore, every passing day, week, and month makes it more likely that this is a human-caused calamity and it is the single biggest, most deadly, and most economically devastating human mistake EVER.

I am not contending that China maliciously released the virus upon its own population. I do believe that China knows for a fact the true origins of the virus and they should likely be held responsible for the trillions of dollars of harm they have caused to the world population.


High Interest Rates Are Hobbling Growth – WSJ

High Interest Rates Are Hobbling Growth – WSJ

The problem with growth in the US economy will be immediately be solved the day that we stop the trade war with China. We don’t need the Fed to counter-balance a political battle between China and the US. Mark my words, when this trade war is over, the economy will almost immediately overheat.

Also, you can guarantee that POTUS will turn off the trade war by the first quarter of 2020 so that the economy is running at top speed for the November election. The Chinese know this and they know they just have to hold on 6 more months and our political will for the trade war will vanish.

Source: High Interest Rates Are Hobbling Growth – WSJ

There’s an increasingly strong case that the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates to weaken the U.S. dollar and encourage greater exports—and that it should do it soon.

A strong dollar makes it cheaper for Americans to purchase foreign goods and more expensive for those using a foreign currency to purchase American goods. The dollar has strengthened relative to foreign currencies since the second quarter of 2018, and U.S. exports have essentially stagnated. While the U.S. economy surged in 2018 thanks to tax cuts, deregulation and a declining oil price, gross domestic product could have grown faster. Preliminary GDP growth over the past three quarters has been a strong 2.9%, but had real exports grown at a 3% annualized rate—which they did from 2009 to 2018—GDP would have grown by 3.2%.

The Fed’s tightening of the money supply contributed to this decline in export growth by making the U.S. dollar more valuable. The Fed has increased the federal-funds rate nine times since beginning the rate increases at the end of 2015, which boosted the demand for greenbacks. The greater the federal-funds rate, the greater the return on investments made in dollars. The Fed also ended its expansive monetary policy as the economy improved, constraining the money supply and further enhancing the dollar’s value.

Some of my thoughts on the problems with North Korea

Some of my thoughts on the problems with North Korea

The United States cannot right the world’s wrongs. For the most part (there are exceptions), we will have to step in when those wrongs influence other nations though.

So when North Korea threatens to attack South Korea or Japan, that is a problem. Especially when we agreed to protect both countries from attack by treaty. They exist in their present form because of the US. So when Obama, Bush, and Clinton do an ostrich in the sand to North Korea, that is a big problem.

It is the responsibility of the United States to protect both countries because we have a treaty that says that we will. As long as the Kim family is only cruel to their own people, then we can leave them alone. When the Kim family and the leading generals of North Korea threaten the safety of Japan and South Korea, then it is equivalent to threatening the US.

When Iran threatens the security of Saudi Arabia and Israel, then it is also our problem also. This is a fact of life by treaty as well as by historical commitment. You may not like Saudi Arabia and Israel, but until the policy of the US is to let them stand (or fall) by themselves, we are obligated to help them.

It is very important to understand that threatening war is not equivalent to deploying war. Every enemy of the US says that they will beat us in war, but they all know that they will get their ass kicked. Krushchev said it, Saddam Hussein said it, and the Kim family has said it.

Other countries do not want a war with us. Even Saddam Hussein didn’t want a war after all of his blustery talk and George W. Bush made a major mistake in Gulf War 2 by actually executing the war. If his State department (run by the very inexperienced Colin Powell) would have been as strong as his Defense department (run by the extremely experienced Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) then he could have achieved 95% of the end outcome without firing a single shot. This was probably not true of Gulf War 1 that was executed by old man Bush (George H. W. Bush) but that conflict and Afghanistan showed the world that we will roll over any enemy and the average American will not even break a sweat. North Korea will likely inflict casualties (e.g. Seoul), but they will eventually lose any war with the US and the Kim family will all die and so will his generals.

We do have a historical problem though in that President Obama really screwed up in Libya. It was an internal conflict and he got involved. He should not have. Now we have sent a very confusing message – which internal conflicts do we pick? Our policies are a lot more straightforward when we say that we do not get involved in internal conflicts, but when they spill over and start to affect the international community we will have to act.

None of the issues in North Korea have gotten worse because of President Donald J. Trump. All of the issues were headed this way during Mr. Obama’s administration. The difference is that Donald Trump is willing to say, “STOP!” and Mr. Obama was simply saying, “Please China won’t you please curb your pet dog?” That approach (which was the same basic policy of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) is the same thing that didn’t work with North Korea for decades. We need to say, “STOP!” and the generals under Kim need to understand that they will die if they proceed to threaten nukes against South Korea and Japan.

It is very likely that we need to be a bit more gracious. We need to give Kim and the Chinese an opportunity to save face. My suggestion is simple, “Stop developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and we promise that the US will not attack South Korea first. Do not stop all development and testing and we cannot commit that we will not be forced to attack you in order to proactively protect South Korea and Japan.”

Throughout all of this, Beijing needs to understand that they need to curb their dog.

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