RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 4 of 4

It hasn’t gotten any better since the vicious greed and land grabbing of the mid 20th century. People are fighting and dying over power and greed. This isn’t about ethnic homelands as neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis have had a continuous control over these lands for centuries.

People in this region need to work together and understand that everyone needs a place to live and raise their families. They want to be close to their cousins to celebrate important dates. Laws need to be fair that no one is persecuted because of what they worship. Their should be no need to kick someone out of their family farm just because they are on the wrong side of some line drawn by some politician. Who cares!

RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 3 of 4

After the UN partitioned a homeland for the Palestinians and Israel (a plan that the majority of Jews agreed to but some warned that they would be attacked), their neighbors went on a land grab. Almost immediately on the creation of the state of Israel, approximately 21,000 soldiers from 4 different countries invaded Israel with their stated goal of eliminating the new country that was officially only days old. Before long they had about 3 times that many troops.

In the process of attacking, these invading countries essentially occupied all of the new Palestinian state and used that advantage to attack Israel. They essentially destroyed Palestine and controlled the land from their respective countries.

Israel, as a new sovereign nation, had a right to protect itself. It successfully defended itself and in the process repelled its attackers from adjoining land, which essentially meant repelling the the invading army from Palestine.

RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 2 of 4

The United Kingdom and the US (to a much lesser degree) are actually the good guys in the entire Palestinian homeland issue, so the world should give them a collective break.

If you look at history, UK (and a few friends) beat the snot out of the Ottoman’s in WW1. They then broke up this massive land that was under Ottoman rule into states (basically the ones that exist today). Palestine was one of those states, as was Israel. Hurray for UK! Don’t believe me – see the map.

RANT! – The Israeli / Palestinian problem – 1 of 4

It is interesting that the Israeli – Palestinian problem has achieved such notoriety and in particular that the Israeli state, the United States, and UK have taken such enormous blame over the entire issue. The proposed Palestinian state has as much right to exist as the state of Israel but it is not Israel’s fault that the Palestinian’s have no homeland …

(with a helping from Nazi Germany and others as we will see as I post more on this subject)

Actually the fault truly lies with the Ottoman empire as they were the most recent to occupy the territory (I won’t blame the Greeks and the Romans). The supposed homeland to Palestinians and Jews wasn’t their homeland for hundreds of years – it was under Ottoman rule. So all of the complaining about a homeland is really a little immature – they were both out of power for a massive amount of time (in fact, the Israel nation was gone many centuries ago).

RANT! Times for TV shows

I have a TiVo. Most of you probably do also. Actually, I am a little weird in that I have TiVo as well as a HD-DVR from my cable supplier (I will definitely rant on this in the future).

I get really ticked off when television shows decide to start a couple minutes earlier or stay on a couple minutes longer. Do the TV execs really think we don’t know what they are doing? It isn’t that they couldn’t figure out how to edit the show down to 60 minutes. No, they are trying to screw up our TiVo programming! They want your love of ER or Lost (or whatever) to screw up their competitor.


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.

RANT! Smoking is for idiots

I will rant on this many times in the future. I am bringing it up now because of recent news article that I read on Chron.com. You can read the full article here, but it was on AP so it is everywhere.

People need to take some responsibility for their own actions. Smoking causes cancer and much of the cancer kills. The scientific facts are irrefutable and only an idiot would smoke.

So here is a story that says that teens are smoking because of Katrina. GROW UP! People smoke because they are idiots. That is the only reason. If there were any other reasons, those reasons would be overridden by the fact that they are idiots.

You buy a pack of cancer sticks and it says right on the package that smoking causes cancer. The stuff is so bad for you that they don’t even allow most advertising for it.