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Guantanamo Bay is compliant with Geneva Convention

So says a report by the New York Times

A Pentagon report requested by President Obama on the conditions at the Guantánamo Bay detention center concluded that the prison complies with the humane-treatment requirements of the Geneva Conventions.

Does this mean we can cancel the silly Presidential decree to close the prison that was issued BEFORE anyone bothered to check to see if we were compliant?

It is amazing that an important decision like this was made without facts.  Sounds like it was made for political reasons.

Expanding the format of posts on this site

Traditionally, the posts on this site have been formatted with RANT! in the title and the content has included me yelling (all caps) that something needs to get fixed.  I will still do these types of posts in the future but I want to expand the scope a little and will now just have my random thoughts on a variety of topics.  The rants will continue as needed and you can find them in the RANTS category.