RANT! Software doesn’t know best- it should be stupid

I despise software that thinks it knows best! I want it to be smart enough to know what to do no matter where I put it or where its data resides.

Why do software companies think they know where to put stuff? I hate it when the install of the software doesn’t allow me to put the application on the hard drive that I choose (it is rarely the C drive that it likes). Software programmers that don’t ask where to install should be FIRED and their software should be THROWN INTO THE BIT HEAP!

I also don’t like it when it tells me where to store my data. Sometimes, I want it in My Documents and sometimes I don’t. If I know I am going to back up that data then I want it in My Documents. If I am not going to back it up, I don’t want it in My Documents. is really guilty of this with their iTunes software (don’t ever let them manage your – it will be lost forever).

While I am at it, here is a good reference to show how to change the location of your My Documents. I didn’t know how to do this until a friend showed me.


I am done with this topic for now but I reserve the right to rant more on it someday.

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